Housing Law

NNJLS’ Housing Law Unit helps people to stay in their homes. Clients come to NNJLS after they receive court papers seeking to remove them from their homes or apartments. NNJLS attorneys handle housing-related matters for tenants including evictions, illegal lockouts, and other landlord-tenant disputes.

We also handle cases for eligible clients who have problems with housing subsidy terminations or denials; tenants who have been displaced from their homes due to fire or flood; tenants who have been removed from illegal apartments; tenants who have received Notices to Quit; and tenants who have had their utilities shut off by their landlord.

NNJLS attorneys also help homeowners who have received a Notice of Intent to Foreclose from their mortgage holder.

NNJLS holds legal clinics in Bergen, Hudson and Passaic Counties on security deposits, which provide individuals with the information they need to file suit against a landlord who is withholding their security deposit.

NNJLS has special help available for homeowners and tenants who suffered damages as a result of Hurricane Sandy.