Disaster Legal Assistance

NNJLS provides legal assistance to members of the community who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Through legal representation, outreach, and public education, our goal is to ensure that low-income residents who have suffered damage from the storm have a committed advocate to help them resolve their legal issues. Hurricane Sandy had a devastating effect on the people of New Jersey. Due to high winds, flooding, and the loss of power many residents of Bergen, Hudson and Passaic Counties suffered severe storm damage and the interruption of their income. Low-income families barely getting by before the storm were especially hard hit. NNJLS has marshalled the expertise of its staff attorneys gained in prior disasters to provide legal assistance to individuals and families in order to help them get their lives back in order.

NNJLS provides legal assistance for area residents who have suffered damage due the storm in the following types of matters:

* FEMA claims

* Homeowners and renters insurance claims

* Tenant evictions related the storm;

* Housing habitability issues arising from flooding, power outages, and other storm damage

* Tenant security deposit return

* Denial of emergency and other storm related housing assistance;

* Denial of emergency public benefits, such as food stamps, unemployment assistance, and other public benefits.

* Other legal matters experienced by victims of Hurricane Sandy.

If you or a loved one has a legal problem stemming from Hurricane Sandy or its aftermath we can help! Contact us today.