Veterans Assistance Project

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Northeast New Jersey Legal Services’ Veterans Assistance Project provides legal representation and advice to low-income and homeless veterans in order to remove legal barriers to housing, employment and self-sufficiency. Our attorneys help eligible veterans in Bergen, Hudson and Passaic Counties by providing legal assistance in matters involving:

  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Determinations to Deny Service-Connected Disability Benefits;
  • VA Determinations to Award Partial Service-Connected Disability Benefits at a Lower Percentage;
  • Veterans and Eligible Family Members Seeking Military Pension Benefits for Non-Service-Connected Disabilities;
  • Denial of Social Security/Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Disability Benefits;
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Food Stamps, General Assistance;
  • Evictions, Foreclosures;
  • Debt Collection, Unfair and Deceptive Practices, Bankruptcy;
  • Medicaid, Medicare, VA Medical Benefits.

Veterans are owed a debt of gratitude. However, legal barriers often make it difficult for those who have served in the military to receive the benefits and services they have earned.

Gregory is a 68 year-old veteran who turned to NNJLS for help after an administrative miscommunication resulted in the termination of his SSI benefits. Without these benefits, he would no longer be able to attend the adult day program he relied on for social interaction and assistance with a speech impairment. An NNJLS attorney filed a request for reconsideration and gathered the necessary documentation to resolve the misunderstanding. Gregory’s benefits were reinstated and he continues to live independently in the country he served.

In addition to direct legal representation, NNJLS attorneys provide educational workshops that prepare veterans to advocate for themselves in legal matters. These clinics will be offered throughout the year in partnership with other organizations that serve veterans and military families. Check our “News and Events” page for upcoming dates.

Northeast New Jersey Legal Services’ Veterans Assistance Project is offered in partnership with Equal Justice Works and AmeriCorps. For more information, call 201-792-6363 or email us at